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Creating Invoices

To create new invoice just click the “New Invoice” link and fill the simple form, with sample shown below:

Few fields things require explanation:

  • Tax Inclusive: This fields dictates if the pricing set already includes tax (Tax inclusive) or does not include taxes (tax exclusive).
  • Invoice Number: This is a unique number that identifies each invoice. If you already have a numbering system, you will have to fill in that number. It is however recommended you live it blank so that the system generates numbers for you.
  • Reference: This is a reference that resulted into this invoice. It might be Local Purchase Order or any other paper. It is however optional, and you can safely leave it blank.

To add New row of Product or Service just click the any Blue Plus icon on the right of every row. To delete specifc row, press Red Trash icon on that specific row.

Once you have filled all the details, click “Create Invoice”. The invoice will be created but will be in draft status, and the transaction will not be recorded in your finances yet. That will happen once it is approved.

NOTE: To approve an invoice, you must have a Business Supervisor role.

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