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Approving & Emailing Invoices

Once Invoice is created, it will be listed in a table of Invoices, draft in status and red in color. Click invoice number to view the details of the invoice, you should see “Approve” button if you have right role, that is “Business Supervisor” and above. If you don’t have enough permission you will have to ask someone with permissions to do that for you.

Click “Approve” button to approve invoice and consequently affect your books (specifically Sales and Accounts Payable). Once approved, the invoice can be sent by email or downloaded for printing.

If Invoice is having an error, you can just delete it, by pressing Delete button, or if the invoice is already approved, then just void it by clicking Cancel button.

To view all details for Invoice like who created it, and when it was lest modified, then click the i icon. Dialog should pop up with all information.

NOTE: If the customer being Invoiced Auto-Email Invoice is set then approving will also send them email with Invoice as an attachment.

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