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Product and Services

To add New product or service go to “Business Setup” menu click “Products & Services” sub-menu. Click “Add New” button at the top right corner and fill the simple form as it is shown below.

In the example form, we are selling Website design services at 100,000 TZS and each sale includes a Sales tax of 18%. The account where all sales of this service will be assigned to Sales Account. Feel free to assign to relevant accounts as set by your chart of accounts.

We have indicated we are not purchasing this service. Let say in our case, we have dedicated development team so we are not buying it from a third-party. If we were reselling this service, like in case of Products or resell-able services, then we would check the “purchasing” box and key in the default purchase price as well as any tax information and Purchase expenses account.

Once done, click save to store the information. Repeat the Process until you have all your products or services in the system. Do not worry if you do any mistake. Just click the pencil icon and fix that mistake.

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